Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Oops I Did It Again!

To quote Brittany Spears, "Oops I Did it Again"! That is, I forgot to floss yet again. I drank an entire bottle of water before I went to bed causing me to go to the bathroom all night due to a shrunken and pressed-upon bladder. Then I shoved a huge bowl of fruit down my throat to fulfill all my points. Then I forgot to floss. I have issues!

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Jessica Sedgwick said...

Okay, Emily. Let's talk about this recurring problem of yours, and maybe we can get to the bottom of it. Please tell me that you habitually brush your teeth every night. If so, then try keeping the floss right there by your toothbrush where you see it every night. If not, then I guess I can't help you and your teeth really will look like that picture I posted. :)