Friday, July 4, 2008


So, I made it to the gym the other day to put in my 45 minutes and towards the end of my workout, the child center workers came around with big signs saying "THE CHILD CENTER IS CLOSING NOW"...turns out someone came in with lice so they had to kick everyone out for a deep cleaning. I worked out for 42 you think I can get a full point for working out that day? :)

Oh, and my kids don't have lice- what luck!


Amanda J said...

I think that lice is one of my worst fears about having kids... yuck! I am glad that your girls are lice free!
I think that your 42 minute workout counts...but I am also on the more generous side because I was all for the 4th of July being a "free" day :)

The Allred Family said...

Jessi lou! You started a blog. It's easy huh? Or is this Dave? I assume it Jessica working out at the gym with the kids. Just a guess. i have a question about journal writing. there needs to be an eight time limit, Don't you think? I think people COULD squeeze in 9. And yeah, I think your 42 counted.